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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to provides access to the website or the mobile application/app or any other media ("Website") to you subject to the terms and conditions  set out on this page. By using the Website, you, a registered or guest user in terms of the eligibility criteria set out herein (“User”) agree to be bound by the Terms. You are requested to read them carefully as you go through the Website, you signify your agreement to be bound by these Terms. If you do not want to be bound by the Terms, you must not subscribe to or use the Website or our services. If you continue please read the followings carefully.


1.Use authentic information while going through registration processes of this site.
2.A customer will be solely responsible for his/her own activities in the website while visiting or using this site with own User ID.
3.Accessing to this site using your User ID except you, is strictly prohibited and you are responsible for it. Inform us instantly if you are confirmed that your ID is being used with illegal person.
4.Try not to use inappropriate words while contacting our authorities via mail or phone call.
5.Obey the exact terms which are associated with every deal when you are going to you deal with us.
6.Customers are requested intensively not to intend to do any fraud and deceptive deal.
7.Pictures, contents, logos, trademark used in this site are the property of this site. Don’t use these without the permission of the site’s authority.
8.Because of political violence, strike, disasters your order may take more times to be delivered.
9.We have the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without providing customer with prior notice. reserve the right to cancel any order any time without showing any reason. Can Alter the price any time.
Copyright issues: and licensors/shippers claim and are responsible for all (enlisted and unregistered) available assets and material is shown on the Site. Responsibility for proprietorship of the materials shown, for example, web composition, pictures, recordings, sound, content, visual depiction, programming aggregations, source codes and whatever other undeclared material that has released on the Website. All substance on the Site is secured by copyright as an aggregate work. The asserted responsibility for distributed material on the Site consents to and is ensured by the Bangladeshi copyright law and universal standards of operation.
Regarding Client:
a) Our site utilizes cookies; by utilizing our site or consenting to these 'Terms and conditions', you agree to our utilization of cookies in understanding to what has been laid out in the 'Privacy Policy'. 
b) The client must present us with authentic data while making a client account. Any sort of data considered by as extreme or inapplicable may bring about the end of the process and the failure to access the Site once more. 
c) The client bears sole responsibility for their action from their client ID as given in “privacy policy”. Fitted activity will be taken, if there arise an occurrence of an unapproved action, is additionally explained in the 'Privacy Policy'. 
dUse of the Website is available only to such persons who can legally contract under the Contract Act, 1872.The client must be at least 18 years of age or must access the site under the supervision of a parent or lawful guardian. 
e) Utilization of the Site for the benefit of an outsider is not acceptable. 
f) Introduction of the items comprises of enlightenment on content by the merchant. Item substance is not obstinate or one-sided and any entries, conclusions, or reviews represented are singular posts by clients or users, for which does not carry any risk nor any liability. 
g) Any information composition and use of the Site is liable to documentation for data by as outlined in the 'Privacy Policy' section.
h) The endless supply of the 'Terms and Conditions' procures utilization privileges of the site within the parameters work out and characterized by The client may peruse the site, print pages, share substance, streams or videos. 
i) Unless controlling or owning important rights, the client may not offer, lease or sub-permit material from our site, demonstrate any material from our site in broad daylight, misuse material from our site for a business reason or redistribute material from the Site. 
j) The client may not direct any movement that may bring about harm to the site or debilitation of the execution, accessibility or openness of the site. Use of the Site in any way that is unlawful, illicit, fake of destructive or regarding any of the previously mentioned processes, is not permitted. 
k) Utilization of our site to duplicate, store, have, transmit, send, utilize, distribute or disperse any material which comprises of (or is connected to) any spyware, PC infection, Trojan steed, worm, keystroke lumberjack, rootkit or different pernicious PC programming etc. is prohibited. Directing any efficient or mechanized information-gathering exercises, and not restricted to extraction is unlawful. Utilization of information from our site for any immediate advertising movement is forbidden. 
l) Information from our site may not be utilized to contact any others. 
m) Essentially, any action that acclaimed to be wrong (without clarification) can bring about the limitation of use. 
n) Given special conditions, may wipe out to provide our service at any given time without any clarification or support. This may be set up of and is not restricted to events in which the request couldn't be prepared. Correspondingly if there should arise an occurrence of specialized blunders, for example, and not constrained to, the cost of a thing being inaccurately displayed; holds the rights to cancel any order.
o) maintains all authority to acquire the approval of validation of payment before granting serviceability, wherever regards fitting. 
p) The absence of consistency with any of the standards expressed above may bring about the termination of accessibility to the site and perhaps result in the method of legal proceedings. 
q) maintains whatever authority is needed to stop online activity for any client without clarification.